About Us

Put simply, CyberSteward was formed in 2018 with the simple purpose of helping organizations WIN!

Having owned and operated several businesses, and consulted for hundreds of clients as a Managed Service Provider for over two decades, one consistent theme emerged with nearly every engagement — A lack of IT Leadership. Whatsmore, as we stepped into that leadership role and developed key foundational building blocks including vision, strategy, and measurable KPI’s, we saw all the things you may expect; cost control, increased efficiency and productivity, lowering risk and exposure, higher employee retention, improved compliance and security, and maybe most importantly, a framework for making decisions.

What we’ve learned over the past two decades is that it’s not so much “turning the wrench” that gets the job done. Instead, it’s knowing which wrench to turn, how much to turn it, and when it needs turning. We’ve found that we can be highly effective as a Trusted Advisor, working in concert with an existing IT Department or Service Provider, similar to a CPA, Banker, and Attorney. This helps create a culture of cooperation necessary for delivering maximum value for our clients.

Business IT is complex; cybersecurity, compliance, cloud adoption, mobile-productivity, hybrid environments, software selection, vendor selection, etc.

Every business is different; goals and objectives, pain points, executive leadership, industry compliance.

Aligning the two together is where we shine. The results are you WIN!